May 17, 2016

True story - Lemmy Motorhead

So one of my Brothers was serving in Iraq. He was on foot and alone most of the time as he was somewhat of a spy searching for terrorist bases and information. He get’s some news over his radio system that two soldiers are taking heavy fire locally, they are trapped in and he is the closest to them. He get’s to the location to find a army 4x4 pretty much trapped and a panicking Sergeant (higher up of some kind) and a basic infantry soldier. These two guys are in a pretty bad spot and the officer in command is totally useless and it’s clearly rubbed off on the soldier following his commands. It’s hard to think about now without laughing or not taking the situation seriously, especially considering it’s hard to write down something only one could experience and feel, but this was a life or death situation that my brother found himself caught up in. At this point my brother decides to take charge of the situation, he does some things that I don’t want to go into on this forum and then he gets both of his colleagues into the 4x4. At this point they are boxed in, both the men are in a state of shock and are screaming such things as we are going to die, we are trapped in. Bare in mind this isn’t in a desert or on flat land, it’s in a bombed up town, gravel, boulders and general shit blocking the roads. At the point of the sergeant crying and screaming, my brother grabs the sergeant by the throat and screams - You know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools. But that’s the way I like it baby. I don’t wanna live forever. He then puts his foot down, drives through a wall, boulders, dust, gun fire and everything else the shit hole of Iraq had to offer at that point. So a boost of adrenaline combined with Lemmy got him and two others out alive. Don’t underestimate the power of Rock n Roll.  
RIP Lemmy

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