January 16, 2014

mama tried mc show

Brad Smith (FTW) Des Moine, IA
Wes Orloff Milwaukee, WI
John Wilson, Kenosha WI
Warren, Heir, Jr. Milwaukee, WI
Scott Johnson, Milwaukee, WI
Pete Ploskee, Sr., Kenosha WI
Tony Giorno (Redline Cycle) Kenosha WI
Jeff Wright (FTW) Des Moine IA
Noot - Charles City, IA
Jack Kainz, Milwaukee, WI
Charlotte Kainz, Milwaukee, WI
Josh Kurpius, Genoa, IL
Louie Lauters (West Bend HD), West Bend WI
Music: "Good Times" and "Lucid" from the LP Endless, by Mount Salem
Camera - Ryan Reeve and Erik Ljung
Edit - Ryan Reeve
Produced by: Timm Gable, Scott Johnson
Design: Brett Stenson of Varado & Co.

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